Updates and Developments

Mar 20, 2023 - Sorry folks. Whether supply chain issues, the massive increases in shipping costs, or just plain inflation, the cost to manufacture the driver boards has increased a lot. Realistically, I suppose, it is all three. Which means that these boards are now $15 more now than they used to be pre-pandemic. Again, sorry for the increase.

Dec 3, 2022 - The System 80 CPUs are in! And yes, this batch suffers the same issues that the supply chain foisted upon us for the System 1 CPUs. The price had to be hiked some $35 to get them made. QA testing should be complete today!

Sept 26, 2022 - QA testing is complete, and we are ready to ship the System 1 boards!

Sept 2,2022 - QA testing on our last board horder has failed. We will have to do manual rework on the entire order to replace an incorrectly sourced component. This will delay shipment and orders for another week. Sorry folks. I'll restore the product link when we have corrected the boards.

August 26,2022 - Wow. It has been over a year since we got hammered by the Pandemic and found the supply chain non-existent. ..and over 2 years since we produced boards. And while the supply chain issue has not been addressed, we found a partial work-around for chip supply. The components cost quite a bit more than they once did, but were negotiated into pricing that we finally accepted. I am sorry to have to increase the System 1 board cost by $25 dollars, but after discussing this with the distributors, it was either that or push off availability another 10 months. ...they chose the former. If this works, we will get the rest of the products back into production, and while there will also be price increases on these boards, at least we'll have them back in stcok. More to follow, as the boards get delivered.

June 6,2021 - There is another date code for bad FET components on our driver boards that was first reported in March 2019. These are all ON semiconductor manufactered MOSFETs with a date code now of 1M16AE. If you are experiencing issues with your coils not resetting strongly, check the driver board for these components. Regardless of the age of your board, we will replace these components under warranty. We apologize, this manufacturer has been blackballed for a while now, and somehow we missed this date code.

Also please note that, as a result of global semiconductor shortages, there will be a delay in stocking Ni-Wumpf products. Some of our products are out of stock already without plans for restocking at this time. At the moment, component pricing has soared over $20 per board from our last manufacturing run, and we cannot expect to pass that on to the consumer at this time. We'll update this board as soon as we know more.

July 27, 2020 - Thanks to Gordon for a heads up on a bug in Roller Disco code - the multiplier lights illuminate out of order. I have a patch for boards that have code revision 2.36 or above here. If you need a patch for older revision boards, let me know, and I'll work it up, and paste it here.

April 8, 2020 - Please Note next price increase! The January 1st 2019 US government imposed tariffs on all products manufactured and shipped to the US from China has impacted the last shipment of Ni-Wumpf products with a $10 tax on our System 80 CPUs. And again, we will be passing this cost directly on to our customers as we enter into that stock.

Feb 19, 2020 - Patch 2.37 is available for the System 1 CPU that now supports Tournament Mode! It is only supported for CPU's on revision 2.35. Do NOT attempt to patch an older release of the code with this patch - please contact Ni-Wumpf for support on your revision of the board.

Feb 9, 2020 - Patch 1.27 is available for the System 80 CPU that addresses a bug in saving game-specific options (forgotten on power cycle), it also includes Tournament Mode! BUT! Only Black Hole, Mars and the non-multiball games are currently supported. We are woking on; Pink Panther, and could use a beta tester for Volcano or Pink Panther! (contact me at ace@ni-wumpf.com) Patch 1.03 for Black Hole is available to enable Tournament Mode in that game.

Feb 2, 2020 - Patch 1.26 is available for the System 80 CPU that addresses a bug in the automatic threshold calculation logic to set appropriate skill-adjusted thresholds. Also Patch 1.02 for Black Hole is available to address a bug that sometimes leaves the lower PF lights, and flippers active after Multiball.

May 7, 2019 - Please Note! As a result of the January 1st 2019 US government imposed tariffs on all products manufactured and shipped to the US from China, Ni-Wumpf products have been taxed at a $10 price increase on boards shipped after that date. Sadly, we will be passing this cost directly on to our customers as we enter into that stock. At this time only Gottlieb System 1 CPUs are affected. As other products are taxed, those prices will reflect applied tariffs as well. This price increase will be rolled back in the future should the political climate in this country shift away from this new tariff model.

Mar 17, 2019 - It has happened again - Ni-Wumpf has been challenged in our supply chain. Over the weekend, we identified a bad batch of transistors (MOSFETs) in our latest production run of System 1 driver boards. As before, this has come despite vendor testing of the component and the manufacturer: ON semiconductors. Driver boards shipped since the October 2018 are potentially part of this recall. As you will note in the enclosed picture these ON components have a date code of 1J18AA or 1J18AB. Not all driver boards shipped since then utilize these bad components, please validate this date code before acting. If you examine the board, you might also see that there are one or two Fairchild MOSFETs on the board in the QS5 through QS8 component locations... a manufacturer that we have blackballed from purchasing ever again. As it turns out, ON bought Fairchild, and clearly that specific plant is continuing down the path of poor production quality wherever these came from. Unfortunately, Ni-Wumpf did not realize this acquisition in time. Other ON MOSFETs components of the same designation; FQP13N10, used in our System 80 driver boards are working fine, and there are other System 1 driver boards that are fine as well, it appears to be just this date code run. If you notice that the board does not energize the coil strongly enough to have the target banks reset, this is the symptom of this issue. Please contact us, and arrange to have the boards returned for warranty service. Our apologies for this inconvenience.

Nov 25, 2018 - Ni-Wumpf has identified a potential problem with System 80 CPU boards whose platform (P-REV) revision is less that 1.23. The system time function may have problems determining when to run routine code. An indication demonstrating this issue can be noticed during idle animation - if the lamp strobing is consistently jerky / flickering during what is normally a smooth animation sequence, please contact Ni-Wumpf for a code update.

Nov 12, 2018 - Please note a coding issue with the Counterforce game code, on platform releases 1.01 - 1.20. Contact Ni-Wumpf for a Counterforce patch with the platform release level of your code.

May 17, 2018 - In Dec. 2017, Ni-Wumpf began optimizing code on our CPUs, and as a result we introduced a code bug related to hardware refresh speeds interfacing with the driver boards. This bug will be apparent if your lamps do not light correctly during game play. They will work fine in test, and idle illumination. Both the System 80 and System 1 boards will be affected. For the System 80 boards, there is a patch that will allow field upgrade. For the System 1 boards, we ask that you return the boards to the factory for code updating. In either case, please contact Ni-Wumpf for any questions. System 1 boards that are affected are board serial numbers: 1106 - 1216.

Apr 14, 2018 - The System 80 driver boards are back in stock. And... we have another fulfillment gap this week (Apr 16 - Apr 20) due to vacation of the fulfillment staff! Any orders coming in during that week will have to wait until April 23rd to ship out.

Mar 29, 2018 - The System 80 driver boards should be back in stock in 2 weeks. And... we will NOT be able to ship out any orders this coming week (Mar 30 - Apr 6) due to vacation of the fulfillment staff! Any orders coming in during that week will have to wait until April 7th to ship out.

May 22, 2017 - The latest batch of System 1 driver boards appear to have a bad batch of transistors for the main coil circuits. This has happened before, and indicates that analog components appear to be giving us a difficulty in production consistency. The components that we are seeing issues with are; STP14NF10. If your System 1 driver board has this component on it, and is showing signs of not being able to effectively raise the drop target bank - please contact us for rework/replacement. To date, it appears that only 12 of thes boards have shipped. Hopefully, the hassle will be minimized. We apologize, in advance, for any hassles this may have caused our pinball brethren.

Apr 28, 2017 - Found a bug in the code that prevented the CPU from eliminating duplicate switches. This affects boards with code released prior to 2.04. While this is not a normal problem for most game owners, if the Ni-Wumpf CPU seems to be firing a hole kicker more than once, or scoring a target more than normal, this should address that. If you feel that your board is doing this, please send your board in for a free update.

Feb 14, 2017 - I realized after completing the first iteration of a fully functional Windows program to control the System 1 and System 80 CPUs via the USB port on the boards, that I had been working on this code for three years. I'd like to think that this is how long it takes to get things right... but I'll bet there are guys out there that are going to break it right off... anyway, the MKII CPU is finally field upgradeable via the USB port! We can release platform, and game revision upgrades that will be downloadable from the website, and which you can flash into the board! Pretty cool - well, until you realize that you need platform revision 2.00 code or higher, and every board out there right now is at revision 1.xx. So... while I cannot upgrade your board in the field right now, you are all welcome to a free upgrade to code revision 2.00 (as always) if you want to send your board in to the service address in MA - the ONLY CAVEAT is, that you have to provide return shipping with your board to get it BACK to you - Ni-Wumpf won't cover that, and the USPS is really gouging us all now on shipping. After upgrading your board, you will be able to download the control program on the product page, and install it somewhere on your PC (this is Windows 7/8/10 code, NOT linux or MAC), then find a standard USB cable and hook it up to your Ni-Wumpf CPU board. But WAIT! There's MORE! Not only can you upgrade code segments on the board, this program allows you to test the board functionality by; energizing coils; lighting lamps; simulating switch inputs from the playfield into the board; and it can fully monitor what the CPU is doing in the display outputs, switches seen active, and lamps lit. ...it's really pretty cool - rudimentary in looks, but neat to play with.

Jan 23, 2017 - Despite working to rid the world of boards sent out that don't respond to front-door input, we are still seeing customers that have been shipped boards with this issue. I am truly sorry. If you have a MKII System 1 CPU board that does not respond to credit / test button input, there is a known ECN for a batch of boards missing two resistors on them. Please contact us, and we'll get those handled under warranty, or describe how to do it with you. Also, please note, there is a code bug for all MKII boards revision 1.50 and lower. The pricing option for two coins per credit will work incorrectly for the first credit upon power up. Code revision 1.51 addresses this. We'll update any boards needing this fix - just send them in.

Dec 28, 2016 - FINALLY! The System 1 CPU is back in stock as is the System 80 driver board. Sorry for the wait.

Dec 12, 2016 - Wow. Hammered on stock - we are out of everything this Christmas. Already. System 80 Driver board stock should be in by 12/19, as well as the System 1 boards. We are putting together a new spin of the System 1 driver boards, and have finished the new System 80 CPU design. It's been a lot of work, and I haven't touched the website.

An update on that - We have a new System 80 CPU board to be released, and code ported over to it for; Black Hole, Mars, Volcano, Panthera, and Haunted House. The first four having been through Beta testing, and await further customer testing, the last one awaiting Beta testing. The new board should be able to host about 6 - 7 game segments similar to how we do it now on the System 1 board - software selectable. In January, we will get the boards in for doing customer acceptance testing. If you have one of the games listed, and are willing to do such testing, please let me know - we will discount the list price on it if you want to subsequently keep the board.

Dec 1, 2016 - System 1 troubleshooting on the original CPU boards. I am going to update the support section on that - just to remind myself of how we do it...

Dec 05, 2015 - Kevin Pozniewski has found an elusive bug in the code that would see the CPU crash after achieving a second special on the same ball when the game is counting down it's bonus. This would only happen when the game is set with SPECIL OVRIDE on (score points, instead of an extra game). If you have a CPU with a revision less than 1.48, you can send in your board for a free code update. The workaround at this time is to disable the Special Override setting.

May 12, 2015 - If you are experiencing odd memory issues when you have enabled "Automatic Threshold Percentage" operations for the latest System 1 CPU, a fix has been implemented for revision 1.41. Additionally there are bug fixes for Buck Rogers that fix the hole routine.

Jan 31, 2015 - After working on Buck Rogers for a while, I have decided to update the vari-target code. It doesn't work as it should after the vari-target is reset once. If you have a Buck, and are seeing hassles with the Vari-target operation, send your board in for a coding update.

December 20, 2014 - Hulk has a coding bug that screws up the top rollovers from acting correctly, additionally, the skill-shot routine for this game is wonky. If you are running a Hulk - you are welcome to send your board back to the service address at Ni-Wumpf for a coding update. We will be releasing revision 1.39 to address this bug. As always, if any user of the board believes they have found a bug in the game operation for the board PLEASE let us know, and if confirmed, we will work to immediately correct the coding operation on the game.

November 24, 2014 - This game is getting a lot of attention... Revision 1.37 for the new board is released today, addressing two bugs found in Solar Ride; one on the skill shot (that doesn't work), and the other for the bonus scoring on the outlanes. Anyone working with a Solar Ride is welcome to send their boards in for a code update at no charge (as usual).

May 5, 2014 - Ni-Wumpf has been alerted to a bug in the Solar Ride code that we have just updated our code to address. If you are using the new System 1 board, you can send the board in for reprogramming free of charge. If you have the old board, we have updated code release 3.52 available to you on the "Legacy CPU" section of the product page.

January 5, 2014 - After a 15 year run on our original System 1 game board design, Ni-Wumpf has finally released the latest hardware for the System 1 games. As before, all 16 games are hosted on the board, and are selected via the game menu. There are some notable improvements to the new board - bullet-proof inputs, modern components, and field replaceable interface components allowing easier customer replacement of damaged components. The diagnostics are slightly enhanced from the original board, and a number of features have been added, including; million point scoring, four high scores, automatic scoring thresholds, better alphanumerics, skill shot, etc. etc.. And, of course, the boards are now back in stock.

September 30, 2013 - Well, after 5 and a half years of the same code, we have our latest System 1 code update. The Roller Disco game didn't count the bonus down correctly (left the multiplier lamps on). So for that board we now have code released for version 3.50 of the PROM available on the site.

March 25, 2013 - We have released a patch to the Haunted House code to address the operation of the trap door when you hit the Secret Passage that more closely matches the original game code. Download the latest HH code from the System 80 code page. We also have an update to Volcano code (revision 1.61) that addresses keeping track of multiball better so that the Volcano re-lights correctly during the second attempt at multiball. That too can be downloaded here. "The Games" code has been released - but bear in mind that when we were working on the game, the power cable from the power supply to the new form factor of the Ni-Wumpf CPU was too short!. Which means that you may have to get a new cable for this game when using a Ni-Wumpf CPU. Excellent idea in a game BTW. Boring looking PF, but each item on it, was actually a challenge to the player to "make" the shot; hit the spinner hard enough (the CPU counted) to score the medal; pound the vari-target harder each time to get that medal - if not, start over!.

February 12, 2013 - A blizzard... really?!?... Man... what a place Scituate MA can be - hub of nasty coastal weather (nice place otherwise...) OK. If you're reading this, you probably know that the site has been down since Friday - the blizzard is why. On the good side, we now have the System 1 driver boards back in stock; I finished coding "the Games"; and learned that there are two versions of "Amazon Hunt" that needed coding. We have both, so when ordering a board, make sure to request the System 80A or 80B version of the code.

January 1, 2013 - Worked on the System 80A platform a lot to completely QA Caveman. If you have a Devil's Dare, you should update your code, the threshold awards aren't working correctly. Another bug in Black Hole is found - the bonus multiplier doesn't advance to 5 correctly, and new code is available.

December 25, 2012 - Merry Christmas. Caveman code is complete. It looks like I'll be working on Amazon Hunt next...

December 19, 2012 - Server is back up, a new one is being built. and the compiler is more stable than ever.

December 10, 2012 - ...hardware is a little crippled, but I managed to get the compiler running. Hope the parts get here soon...

December 9, 2012 - Sorry guys, the compiler is down for a few days while I replace the motherboard in the compiler system. The rest of Ni-Wumpf is up and running, but code compiles are out until wednesday.

October 30, 2012 - James Bond coding is done! ...both versions!

August 15, 2012 - Please note: the front offices of Ni-Wumpf will be shut down during the last two weeks of August, and the website disabled for online orders. Please contact one of your favorite distributors for your Ni-Wumpf supplies while we are on vacation.

August 14, 2012 - We have a code update to Black Hole - revision 1.68 that updates a but with the Shoot Again lamp remaining lit after starting the next ball.

June 4, 2012 - NOTE!!! Big Daddy wiring harnesses with diode protection do NOT work with Ni-Wumpf driver boards! They do stock harnesses without embedded diodes, and these work just fine. You can also look into the Docent wiring harnesses.

May 2, 2012 - Volcano code for the System 80 CPU is still not quite right. If you own a Volcano machine with a Ni-Wumpf CPU, please try the new code release 1.61.

Mar 23, 2012 - Just when you thought it was safe to repair your pinball machine again... Ni-Wumpf has identified a manufacturing defect for our boards affecting those units sold within the past four months (Nov. 2011 to now; board numbers ranging from 3850 - 4300). This time we have to take our share of the blame. Over the past 4 weeks, We've been struggling to nail down a transient problem with our System 1 CPU boards relating to spurious resets, and we have now identified the issue. The symptoms are: board powers up fine, and idles fine for a period of time, however, what is then observed is an inconsistent reset of the game during operation or idling; sometimes within just a few balls, at other times, sometimes hours after playing the game. The reset is the result of electronic noise on the slam tilt circuit that causes the CPU to detect a slam input and reboot. Resolution is: return to factory for warranty work, or replace input filter capacitors (CAP1 - CAP9). These are nine capacitors on the input return lines on the left hand side of the board (see enclosed picture). These capacitors are supposed to be 103nF capacitors. The problem boards have 330nF capacitors installed. It is also strongly advised to change out all bypass capacitors for similar 103nF - 104nF capacitors. Please return only those boards with these capacitors installed, all other boards are unaffected.

Mar 19, 2012 - The System 80 driver boards are back in stock.

January 19, 2012 - Looks like I lost some content here on the site... so I need to repost some information on a recall in September regarding our System 1 boards. This includes only those boards with an Intel 8279 chip in position U15. It turns out that Intel has a production lot of bad components out there with a date code of L0015642. If you have a game that somehow got past the distributor recall that exhibits sporadic issues with the game freezing up for no apparent reason, have a look at U15 and contact us if you have one of these chips to arrange replacement of it.

We are currently behind in delivery of System 80 driver boards - after the transistor recall early in last year, we've been doing a lot more QA testing prior to sending parts out for manufacturing of any of the driver boards. Patience is the only advise we have for this one - sorry.

We now have code for the Pink Panther! Not a bad game... download it from the System 80 code page.

August 28,2011 - The website will be down sporadically between now and Sept. 2 as we move the services side of Ni-Wumpf one last time to their new relatively permanent location. The Ni-Wumpf repair return address is now:

David Humphrey
126 Captain Peirce Rd.
Scituate, MA 02066

June 7,2011 - Finally! The System 80 boards are back in stock. It's been a struggle, but we're ready to ship these CPU's again.

June 2,2011 - Ni-Wumpf is issuing a recall on System 1 driver boards sold since Mar 2011 (there should only be 12). The recall pertains to drive transistors on these boards that use the RFP12N10L part with a date code of 1A37AH. Until we can determine what the story is with these parts, we're holding off on the sale of these driver boards pending replacement of those components. If you are seeing problems with your Ni-Wumpf System 1 driver board - please contact me for factory service.

May 31,2011 - Another move, down the road in Scituate meaning that the Ni-Wumpf repair return address has changed to:

David Humphrey
1 Ford Place
Scituate, MA 02066

Sept 9,2010 - Genesis, the first System 80B is nearly out of Beta testing, thanks to Jim Palson - we should be able to release System 80B's soon! Also, as you may have noticed, System 1 driver boards are out-of-stock for a while now - IC manufacturers have fallen way behind in producing some very common transistors that we use on the board. Sorry for the delays - it's a strange economy. PLEASE NOTE!: the Ni-Wumpf repair return address has changed! The new address to send boards in for repair is:

David Humphrey
17 Old Farm Rd.
Scituate, MA 02066

May 27,2010 - Code updates for some environmental updates, and a bug in Haunted House sounds. The System 80B code is complete, and Genesis is in Beta test for release.

Feb 9,2010 - System 80 Driver boards are back in stock!

Nov 4,2009 - Whoof! where to begin... Well, first; if you want to mod./design an early Bally/Stern game, let me know, the CPU's are done, the Elektra code is complete to production levels, and Ed is off writing up "Paragon" for on the software/hardware. So it's far past ready for prime time.

  • the Gottlieb System 80 and System 80A platforms were modified slightly to tweak idle appearances - no biggy.
  • Black Hole sound changes are underway, and soon to be complete - the big difference is the game start sound.
  • There are numerous code changes and updates for the games and platforms - download the "UBQSource.zip" bundle of sourcefiles anew.
  • Time Line is done, and will be available soon. (still in QA...)
  • Aug 6,2009 - The System 80 boards are back in stock! Hmmm... Black PCB's - that's a little different, but I'm going to have to go with "nouveau chic" on the color, yeah, let's go with that...

    July 14,2009 - We will be temporarily out of stock on the Gottlieb System 80 CPU for a little over two weeks while we wait for a shipment from the assembly plant. The boards should be back available the first week in August. Sorry!

    Mar 17,2009 - Bally... DONE! We now have a Ni-Wumpf Bally CPU, all hardware API's are complete and tested, and the board had passed all API functional testing. First game to be coded (to establish the platform coding routines) will be Elektra!

    Feb 6, 2009 - OK! Jim's Boston Pinball LED display hassle is passe now. If you have a set of these displays and need to address the "ghosting" that may be visible on some digits the new version of the FPGA code on thes site will handle it.

    Jan 23, 2009 - If you are having problems compiling your code through the IDE - let me know!, this 64-bit hardware on the new server running the Java interpreter is crashing very frequently, and causing havoc with code upload/builds. (sorry!)

    Jan 22, 2009 - Jeez! Who designed this Bally RIOT operation?!? Not a pretty hardware interface to the lamp driver board... Heads up! Revision 2.37 of the Gottlieb platform code is released and addresses errors in the threshold award routine (again) that crop up when an operator manages to set a threshold value for subsequent thresholds that are lower in value than the previous one. AND!!! There are a half dozen code corrections in Black Hole - that release should be coming next week (rollovers, extra ball, and lower PF lamp order.) So, look for all new code releases online next week.

    Dec 28, 2008 - The Bally CPU hardware API's are complete, and the software necessary to test, and control the Bally platform through the Ni-Wumpf CPU hardware is done. Sound decoding to replicate the Bally sound sequences is some ways off until that separate hardware to monitor the sound command lines can be designed and built, but the first step on creating a Bally platform is now complete. ...gotta be honest, the guys who developed the Bally hardware were pretty nasty hackers... First game code to be developed; "Elektra". Anyone know where Mark Clayton has gone off to? We should could sure use his sound board design now for a custom pinball development environment.

    Another update - on Volcano code, there are 4 beta boards out there that need new code. The existing image has a bug in it that will cause the game to lock up in idle mode after a period of time. A new code image is on the way as soon as the changes complete testing.

    Dec 23, 2008 - Hold off on the FPGA download for the BPC displays. There is a coding problem with the last FPGA code, and we are restoring the older image (rev 2.23) until that problem is addressed.

    Nov 19, 2008 - The Boston Pinball company, in the form of Jim Frontero, and I, sat down to remove some slight ghosting of the display digits on his very bright LED displays for the System 80 games (and System 1's), this resulted in new FPGA code for the System 80 games that will remove any ghosting on the left-most digits. The code is available from Jim or here. Oh! and the parts are in for the second Bally CPU prototype. So, for those developers who were looking for a Bally platform to write code on - it shouldn't be too long now...

    Oct 12, 2008 - Got the call last night that a drunk driver drove into the barn last night where we store all of my pinball machines, video games, jukeboxes, and the like... and it's all been burned to the ground. Ni-Wumpf is unaffected, none of the development or production was stored there, however I can't say the same for me - repairs, and new code are going to be held up for a period while we sort through all this... Over 100 machines are no longer of this earth...

    May 31, 2008 - Revision 3.49 of the Ni-Wumpf System 1 code is available for download. This revision handles a tweak in Close Encounters to correct scoring on the upper left spots, and puts in a bit of a delay at the end of the game (and after a tilt), after the ball drains.

    Apr 30, 2008 - They're in! The new System 1 driver boards. Yes, there are other boards out there in the market, but I think users will appreciate the features on this board quite a bit. A product page is coming soon!

    Mar 26, 2008 - NEW! System 1 code has been updated for Joker Poker operation in 5 ball mode (problem during the 2nd ball lighting the multiplier too early.) Latest release is 3.47. Download it now.

    Mar 26, 2008 - Finally! Dumped Verizon, bit the bullet and had to buy Comcast static IP service. NOT FUN! The site has been down for weeks now trying to get Verizon tech. support to figure out how their networks work... Whatever - we're back online...

    Dec 31, 2007 - PLEASE NOTE!: the Ni-Wumpf repair return address has changed! The new address to send boards in for repair is:

    David Humphrey
    49 Bradford Rd.
    Framingham, MA 01701

    Nov 30, 2007 - System 1 platform update! Steve has (once again) found a bug in the Joker Poker code that will allow the Special to light prematurely if one of two banks has been 'spotted' (i.e. at the beginning of ball number 4 and 5, you are 'spotted' the king and the ace bank respectively). The newest rev. on site will be 3.44.

    Nov 11, 2007 - Platform update to flash the "Game Over" lamp on Spiderman, Haunted House, Devil's Dare and Panthera. Also the Panthera code was updated to correct "HSTD" / "Game Over" lamps reversed.

    Oct 30, 2007 - OK. Please tell me that nobody else is tinkering around with the "Operator Override" setting for awarding specials... Well, if so, code updates for the System 80 and System 80A platform are uploaded now. Setting this will crash the game when scoring a second special.

    Oct 25, 2007 - Mars is close - entering now into QA. Be aware that there is a bug in boot rev. 1.11 that prevented using the emergency image load functionality in the bootloader. If you are a developer, this will impact recovery from a bad code image download to the board. Update of that boot image is a free return-to-factory service. Also, if you are having trouble with your coin-lockout coil not energizing (using coin cutters?), or setting the "options" back to free-play, by the 26th, all of the code images will be updated to address these bugs as well.

    Oct 13, 2007 - Counterforce is now available. Check the downloads section for code to put on your board.

    Oct 10, 2007 - FINALLY! I found a bug in the sound decoder board that prevented me from figuring out the sound on Counterforce! That game should be done and available soon. Next up: Mars - God of War.

    Sept 27, 2007 - Corrected Haunted House update! Please use revision 1.56 if you are updating your board (online now). The changes were in the animation code, and the game over sound sequence (minor - but glitches none-the-less).

    Sept 19, 2007 - Updated Haunted House code (rev. 1.52) to handle VUK failure at the top of the PF, and to keep the HSTD lamp out of the animation routine!

    Aug 27, 2007 - Vacation week Aug. 20th - Aug. 26th, sometime in there, the heat overcame my server while I was away. Website has unavailable then - sorry. Can't seem to finalize the Counterforce sound yet - software is done, but the sounds are not coming out right...

    July 26, 2007 - Paypal buttons on the products page - now you can buy direct through paypal - or through our distributors.

    July 24, 2007 - The new System 80 driver boards came it today! I had a chance to test 'em, and QA is good! So they are now available! Pricing will be $95. ...more information in "Products"

    July 2, 2007 - Websites PfffAAH! We don't need no stinking websites. BACK WOMAN! Sales are not everything! Bother... here we go again. Trying to hack up a website...

    July 1, 2007 - Update to the platform code - revision 2.30. This revision removes the occasional diagnostic errors shown on the displays for production code. Update recommended to remove the game idle stalling on a "vector error"

    June 28, 2007 - The System 80 driver board is in production at the assembly plant, and first customer shipments are due in the beginning of August.

    June 16, 2007 - Update to Black Hole code (now rev. 1.53), corrected glitch with flashing 2x bonus multiplier lamp. Disabled flippers and sound at end of last ball with 2 balls locked, and ball ejected from lower PF. Corrected spurious debug entry.

    Oct 21, 2006 - Corrected pricing errors in platform code for System 80 games.

    June 8, 2006 - Major update to platform revision 2.00. This is an interface change between platform code and FPGA code in the way that characters are rendered on the displays. No production units should be supporting this revision, if so contact the factory for a board upgrade. Any code updates will require new FPGA code.

    May 5, 2006 - Boot loader code update to support recovery of bad FLASH updates in the field. Return to factory for a PIC code update if revision query comes back lower than revision 1.12